Two weeks into the Halloween Crafting festivities! All the fall crafting your little ones could desire…and there is still more to go. Keep the energy up and the fun going mamas!

Popsicle Haunted House

This one doesn’t even have to be for kids! It could be a fun family Halloween tradition you start. Each family member makes their own haunted house and when the kids get older you can vote on who made the best one!

From: happilyeverlyafter

Fingerprint Bat Craft

I love the crafts that the kids get to use their fingers with just because they seem to enjoy it so much. It is really easy to do as all you need are bat cut outs, black construction paper, and Halloween themed paint colors. Just tape the cutouts down on the page and your little is ready to paint away!

From: craftymorning

Halloween Monster Pencils

These are amazing! They are a great project for your elementary school kids to do as gifts for their friends or just to take to school and use. Pom poms and googly eyes for the win!

From: the36thavenue

Puffy Ghosts Craft

Simple easy craft for your little ones to do with cotton balls, construction paper, glue, and string! Plus they look super cute and can be hung up after they are done. We all know how much our little’s love their artwork to be on display!

From: thrivinghomeblog

Family Mummy Project

This is how I imagined Jib-Jab would be without the internet. Creating a mummy using each of your family members faces would be a hilarious Fall Craft to do with your kids. My girls got such a kick out of this!

From: vanchitecture

Spooky Spiders

Just looking at these gives me the creepy crawlies! That’s how I know kids will definitely have fun recreating these spiders. They look so good and almost realistic (besides the bright orange beads) but if I were to see one of these black ones from a distance I would probably think it was real…

From: sheknows

Now that your this far into crafting with your kiddos we will make something that you parents may be able to use!

Jack O’ Lantern Stress Balls

It is not only a fun craft for the kids but they love squeezing these things and let’s be honest it can be a good stress reliever for those crazy days we have parenting or adulting through life.

From: littlebinsforlittlehands

We made it through Halloween Crafting week 3! These crafts are so fun and the kids really enjoy them. If you missed Halloween Crafts week 1 and Halloween Crafts week 2 be sure to check them out!

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