Round two of our Halloween Crafts round-up! I don’t know about you but those first 7 were a blast to do and I think I under estimated how much my girls would still love to do some of those crafts.

Melted Crayon Pumpkin

Grab whatever fun crayons you have…maybe even your broken crayons that need to be used up! One reason I love this pumpkin decorating idea is you can do it a bit earlier and set it out for people to enjoy because you haven’t carved into it!

From: CraftyMorning

Monster Rice Crispies

These monster rice crispies are seriously amazing and fun. I love the added touch of the sprinkles to them too! Another one I am sure my kids as well as yours will jump on the bandwagon to do because…DESSERT! Am I right?!

From: chelseasmessyapron

Beaded Pumpkin Craft

This Halloween Craft is great for kids who need to work on their motor skills and the best part is that they have fun making it! I love how cute these turn out afterwards too!

From: gluesticksgumdrops

Halloween Rock Magnets

You can get really creative with making rock magnets or even just painting Halloween rocks to hide in your local area! Doesn’t have to just be pumpkins, ghosts, and cats. Maybe see how many different Halloween creatures/items you can paint…

From: thisheartofmineblog

Halloween Sock Black Cat

I am dying over how cute this little kitty is! This one is going to require more parent help but it turns out so darn cute and would make a perfect decoration to keep around that your child made.

From: hometalk

Pine Cone Spiders + Nature Craft

This is the perfect excuse to go outside exploring with your little’s! Who wants to hunt for pine cones for our next project? My kids always enjoyed the crafts that had us exploring the world around us for items to create with. I just think these cute spiders are so unique too!

From: foreveryourprintsblog

Witch’s Brew Fluffy Slime

I know I know…why did you have to do slime!? I hate it as much as the next person but it entertains the kids for HOURS! They just love this stuff and how cool does this stuff look?! I apologize for including it but do hope you give it a try and have fun with this slime.

From: littlebinsforlittlehands

That wraps up Halloween Crafts week 2! If you missed Halloween Crafts week 1 check it out! I hope you enjoy these crafts as much as we will and know we will be doing these with you!

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