In case you guys don’t know…I LOVE doing Halloween crafts with my kids. They are getting older now so we do more decorative not so kid friendly ones, but I wanted to share some fun ideas to do with your littles now that Halloween is coming!

I am hoping to come up with 31 days of crafts but that may be a stretch! I will do my best to post once a week for the whole month and include 7 crafts per post so it isn’t too overwhelming.

Whatever I find I will share with you lovelies and your little’s so you can create fun memories like I did when my girls were small.

Halloween Paper Chains

This is one that I remembered even doing as a child, although they get more fancy with the faces on them. You could even turn it into a Halloween countdown and every day that goes by they get to take one off, watching it build up that excitement and anticipation for Trick-or-Treating.

From: BriarRosesBoutique

Halloween Donut Decorating

This next one is for all the donut lovers out there! (Seriously, who doesn’t love donuts?!)

Pretty sure my girls and I will be doing these this year…this is one we won’t grow out of! My girls and I LOVE our donuts so any reason to do fun crafts with them and then eat them is good enough for us. She has several different kinds of fall donut ideas that make cute little fall creatures that your kids will love ❤️

From: ItsAlwaysAutumn

Pumpkin Apple Stamps

This one you can do as Halloween Crafts and Fall Crafts! Just add cute little Jack-O-Lantern faces to them. I loved doing these with my kiddos and they seem to enjoy using food to paint things.

From: FrugalMomeh

Yarn Wrapped Mummy Craft

My girls always loved making anything mummy because that meant they got to wrap stuff which they for some reason got a lot of joy from. I won’t question why it makes them happy, I am just glad they had fun doing it.

From: BriarRosesBoutique

Monster Paper Bags

Monster Puppets for the win! What kid wouldn’t want to make these?? Best part about these is they can play with them afterwards too! Kids could get really creative with these. You could either cut out eyes or even buy googly eyes to make them more fun.

From: iHeartCraftyThings

Spider web hanging craft

These creepy crawler spider webs make great craft and decoration after you finish! Super affordable to make and easy as well. Your kids will love doing these and seeing them on display in your house.

From: HappyHourProjects

Monster Lollipops

Pretty sure I am going to beg my girls to do these with me. This could be so much fun and is perfect for a Halloween craft PLUS you get to eat them after. Something else you can do with this is want Monsters Inc. and them eat your lollipops during the movie.

From: HappyGoLuckyBlog

I hope you like the first 7 days of Halloween Crafts! Happy crafting with your sweet pumpkins ? Let us know how your projects go in the comments below!

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