This fun Halloween paper chain can be made and used as a fun countdown to Halloween for the kids!

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This is a pretty easy craft to set up to do with the kids and doesn’t require preparing or making sure you have any particular supplies. As long as you have construction paper, scissors and a black marker you are set!

My girls and I tried to think of what we wanted to do and came up with a pumpkin, a ghost, and Frankenstein. You can come up with other Halloween characters like bats, vampires, or cats…I am sure there are a lot more as well. We tried to not get too fancy with them but feel free to step it up and use googly eyes or any other detail you want.

Supplies Needed:

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Black Marker
  • Googly eyes (if you want) <— this pack has different sizes and has a self-adhesive back
  • Tape or a Stapler
  • Glue
  • Ruler or Paper Cutter


First, cut all the papers into strips using scissors. We made ours 2 inches by 8.5 inches long. They don’t have to be perfect, the girls prefer using the paper cutter because it gives them the exact width every time. Scissors work just as well too especially if you have kids that are learning those motor-skills.

The pumpkin is what the girls decided on first and it was pretty straight forward. You draw a pumpkin face in the middle of the orange strip. You can take a piece of the green paper to cut a little stem and a leaf or two. Take and create a loop with the pumpkin and staple or tape the ends together. From here we use the glue to put the leaf or leaves on the stem because one may not be enough. Then take the bottom part of the stem and fold a little back to create a place to put glue so you can glue it onto the pumpkin.

Next, we did the ghost. Draw two spooky eyes and a ghostly mouth in the middle of the white strip. Then fold around and staple or tape the sides together.

The last character we chose was Frankenstein. We were trying to figure out how we wanted to make him. For him you just draw circles for eyes (or the googly eyes if you have them), a mouth, and of course he needs some stitches. So after that you can take some black paper and cut out some hair for him. Take the hair and glue or tape it above his face. We wanted to add the bolts too so we just cut a longer rectangle and cut into both sides to make them and glued onto the inside of the strip.

In between the characters place an alternating color so that the character faces are always to the front, like the above picture. Then you get this adorable Halloween paper chain that you can use to decorate for this Halloween! Use it as a count down or just for decoration in your home or in the classroom. Either way it will be a hit!

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