Adorable yarn wrapped mummy is an easy fun craft to do with your kids and you may already have all these items laying around from previous crafts!

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Supplies Needed:


  1. First download and print off our Yarn wrapped Mummy template. Trace the template onto the cardboard and then cut it out. This helps give the mummy more stability when you wrap it in the yarn.
  2. If you chose to use paint, go ahead and paint your cardboard otherwise you can glue the black construction paper onto it and then cut it out. If you painted it, let it dry completely before moving onto the next step.
  3. Stick your googly eyes onto your mummy. The glue dots will make it easier to get the eyes on without having to wait longer or you can just use regular glue. I think they even have googly eyes that are peel and stick as well.
  4. This part you are going to wrap the mummy with the white yarn. To keep it from sliding and to help it stay put you can cut little slits into the sides to help keep them in place. Wrap the mummy all over until it looks how you want. After your done you can tape the end of the yarn to the back.

These do use a lot of yarn for being small and I found the little slits in spots really helped it stay wrapped. The cardboard will need to be cut by the parent as it is a little bit thick.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and feel free to check out the other Fun crafts we have!

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